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Property Renovation

Capital Real Estate Budapest

The team behind Capital Real Estate Budapest is proud to announce that we are now able to help you with property management, rental and refurbishment. Ganesha Global Kft. Budapest Property Management is situated in the same central Budapest office as the sales staff that helped you purchase your property. You have the added advantage of already knowing the people who will help you renovate, rent and/or manage your flat.

Terms of Business & Services


We have put together a highly professional team of refurbishment experts with over 120 years combined experience. We have specialist in the Gas, Water and Electrical renovation and installation fields as well as professional painters and plasterers.

Services included:

  • We will have a full quote for your refurbishment within 5 working days
  • We charge a 10% + VAT project management fee (calculated on the total refurbishment cost)
  • There is a 300 EUR deposit paid when signing the Management contract. The use of this deposit is for urgent repairs which may need immediate attention. Also, until the apartment is tenanted the property management fee and maintenance costs are covered by this deposit. (Please note that until the flat is rented the owner is responsible for the monthly common costs charged by the Building Owners Association. This charges is directly proportional to the amount of square meterage of the apartment)
  • The management fee is 30 EUR + VAT/ month for an unoccupied property.
  • The monthly management fee for an occupied property is 10% + VAT/ month of the rent but not less than 30 EUR + VAT/ month
  • A one time fee of €100 + VAT for the registration of public utility meters to the owner, and their settlement with the tenant and public utility service providers

Services included:

  • Provide a template tenancy agreement
  • Change locks with each new tenancy
  • Contact public utility providers
  • Check utility providers’ balances
  • Pay utility providers’ bills
  • Take out property/contents insurance
  • Liaise with the Proprietors’ Representative of the building
  • Execute Rental Agreements
  • Make sure that rental fees are paid
  • Communicate with tenants
  • Provide solutions to any property management problems that may arise
  • Correspond with your accountant if applicable (for companies only)


We will help you to furnish your property. We advise that for the average property that you choose a company like IKEA that has local version of their web site. or or if you prefer we can furnish your flat to a higher level of sophistication.

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  • The charge of this service is 10% + VAT of the total cost of the furniture excluding any delivery charges.
  • The charge for assembling any furniture is 8% + VAT of the cost of the item.

  • We charge 1 month's rent + VAT to find a tenant for your flat.
  • If the property is let out for less than a year, the finders fee is 10% + VAT of the total rent for that rental period.
  • The main difference with our company is that we specialize in customer care, we offer superior service for property management and refurbishment. We understand that getting a clients property let as soon as possible is paramount to cash flow. Therefore we offer a special service of contacting every possible agency in Budapest that deals with rental to expand the probability of a quick let. If this other company lets the flat they keep all of the commission (1 months rent + VAT is the norm), we do not take a share, thus avoiding any conflicts with the other companies own listings. On the other hand we will also offer all rental properties on our website as well as advertise on the internet, in the event that we let the property we will receive the same commission.

Ganesha Global Kft. (Budapest, Hungary)

Tel.: +36 1 219 5505

Fax: +36 1 219 5504


Web Site: or

Postal Address: 1071 Budapest, Damjanich u.9, Hungary

(please note that this is NOT the location of the office)

*** For post only, this is not the location of the office ***

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Tel: +36 (1) 219 5505
Fax:+36 (1) 219 5504

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