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Capital Real Estate Budapest
Capital Real Estate Budapest Capital Real Estate Budapest Capital Real Estate Budapest
Capital Real Estate Budapest

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Capital Real Estate Budapest

Welcome to Capital Real Estate Budapest's Investor Center

Capital Real Estate is one of the premier real estate agencies in Hungary. For its own benefit, and that of its clients, Capital Real Estate seizes the extraordinary opportunities which exist in owning real estate in the newly ascended Central European countries, specifically in the capital cities such as Budapest . Such a strategy employed in the burgeoning Budapest real estate market (Hungary joined the EU in May, 2004), has produced historically per annum returns on investment in excess of 20% or more taking into account rental income and modest renovations.

Information for investors

Find research material and useful tips on how to invest in Budapest. Information on taxes, descriptions of districts, legal procedures, frequently asked questions as well as 7 Steps of Purchasing Property. District 11. - 246% Increase District 12. - 177% Increase District 1.  - 171% Increase District 2. - 159% Increase District 3. - 220% Increase District 22. District 21. District 23. District 20. District 19. District 18. District 10. District 17. District 16. District 15. District 4. - 201% Increase District 9. - 246% Increase District 8. - 234% Increase District 5. - 187% Increase District 7. - 242% Increase District 6. - 219% Increase District 14. - 198% Increase District 13. - 236% Increase Access Capital Real Estate Budapest's Investor Cente.

The image on the right shows the districts of Budapest. Move your cursor over any of the district and you will be able to see the increase of Budapest real estate prices between 1999 and 2003 in the given district. (Research based on the data published by the Hungarian Central Statistical Office.)


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Call us on +36 (1) 219 5505 during business hours or use the request information page to get in touch with Capital Real Estate.
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  • Hungary was the first Country in Central Europe to join the World Bank and IMF in 1982.
  • 70% of the total FDI (foreign direct investment) injected into Hungary is allocated to Budapest. Over 30 Billion euros have been injected since 1989, and the growth rate of FDI in 2003 reached 45%.
  • Hungary was the first Country in Central Europe to join NATO in 1999.
  • Hungary became a full member of the European Union on May 1st 2004.
  • The average price of good centrally located properties in Budapest is between €1 300 - €2 000 per m²
  • Hungary gets nearly one third of all foreign direct investment flowing into Central Europe, with cumulative foreign direct investment totaling more than US$185 Billion since 1989.
  • €22.6 Billion of EU funding currently being invested in the country.
  • Budapest is a popular location for large multinational companies, over 45 of the 50 blue-chip multinationals are located here.



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